You get what you pay for

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In life, it’s pretty much “you get what you pay for” and that is so true in the wedding industry.  There is a reason why one photographer charges more than another or why one venue’s food is more expensive than another.  It’s the quality of what you get.   If it was all about the price – wouldn’t everyone get married at the local pizza place or Chinese restaurant and have their cousin Vinny take the photos on his iphone while he’s playing Pandora from it for your music?  The food is cheap, yes but it’s a lousy backdrop for a wedding or your wedding photography.  The photos that Vinny takes – he might get a couple good shots out of the 200 pictures he takes.  He might even get a few people dancing when Pitbull comes on but when it’s followed up by a bomb of a song, there’s nothing he will be able to do to keep the dance floor energized.  Is this really what you want after planning your wedding and spending all that money?

The same goes for low-end unknown DJs and Lighting companies.  We just recently had the opportunity to see one of these in action when our staff was providing photo booth only for this event.

Notice the rats nest of electrical cables on the ground (not taped or covered).  Notice how you CAN’T ACTUALLY SEE THE UP-LIGHTING until the sun sets and the room lights are dimmed down to nearly nothing.  Did you notice that the DJ only has one source of music (1 laptop)?  Or that they are using the most entry level wireless microphone and mixer?  Doesn’t your wedding deserve more than entry level?

The DJ also couldn’t mix one song into the other (beatmix) and their MC skills sounded like they were from the 80’s with the big cheezy DJ voice.  Is that the kind of person you want making all your announcements on your wedding day?

Poor quality wedding DJs wedding lighting2015-08-07 18.32.13
Rats nest of cables – tripping hazzard, Orange cables?
1 Laptop, Cheap Mixer, Entry level microphone
1 Laptop, Cheap Mixer, Entry level microphone
Poor quality wedding DJs wedding lighting2015-08-07 18.32.34
Would you want this eye-soar at your wedding after spending $10,000 on decor?
Poor quality wedding DJs wedding lighting2015-08-07 18.33.59
Low LUX output LED. Does not color the wall – no saturated color. Lousy lighting makes for lousy wedding photos
Poor quality wedding DJs wedding lighting2015-08-07 21.33.36
Even when it’s dark outside, the poor placement of these up-lights makes for lousy wedding photos

Want to see what professional grade up-lighting looks like?

Contact Rob 413-562-2632 or email Rob [email protected] if you want to avoid this kind of horror show at your wedding.

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