Wedding Venues Near Pittsfield, MA

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Looking for a Wedding Venue Near Pittsfield MA?

  • Elm Court Estate: Ready for indoor and outdoor weddings events, the Elm Court Estate is one of the most beautiful castles around. “The twenty plus acres of main lawns overlook the seventy acres of wooded land, mountains, and lake (Stockbridge Bowl).  The estate is completely private, contains 55,000 square feet of space, yet is located only one mile from Main Street of Lenox, and around the corner from Tanglewood. ” It even has a hotel for your guests!

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  • Winthrop Estate: With its stunning elegance, the Winthrop Estate is sure to make the top of your dream venue list. Originally built in 1875 as a Summer retreat for Henri Braem, the U.S. ambassador to Denmark, the estate is filled with rich and luxurious history.  Your wedding is sure to be magical, but most importantly unforgettable. 

  • Santarella:  Quite the opposite of Elm Court or Winthrop Estate, Santarella is considered the “gingerbread house” of Tyringham, MA. With an old cottage and rustic feel, it is completely unique. For warmer weather weddings, the gardens surrounding the cottage are blossoming with life, but even winter weddings can have fun at this venue!