Wedding DJ – Song Transitions – What Is The Difference?

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Many potential clients need to understand the differences between one style of DJ and another.  There are so many styles of DJ gear, software – what makes them so different?

Why not grab an iphone or ipad and just create your own playlist for your wedding?  Exactly why are you paying $1,000’s of dollars for a DJ.  Well, firstly – your DJ does more than just play music.  They are your Master of Ceremony.  What is the #1 fear in America – PUBLIC SPEAKING.  Yes, almost everyone fears speaking in public.  Guess what your MC at your wedding needs to do?  Yep.

The other thing your DJ does is read the crowd and decided what song comes NEXT based on what is going on in the room, what people are reacting to and the energy level of the dance floor.  Can an iPhone playlist do that?  What exactly does it sound like?   What does professional DJ software sound like doing the same thing?  I’ve worked up a few examples so you can hear the difference in song transitions.

First – this is what an iPhone would sound like transitioning from one song to the next:  Itunes As DJ Sample

The first song abruptly ends and then the next song starts leaving a gap or what we’d call DEAD AIR.  Your dance floor energy will wane.

Second – this is what a DJ that does not know how to blend beats (beat mix) would sound doing the same two songs: Cross Fade Mix

The first song fades out and the second song fades in – this is what we call a cross fade.  This is a typical radio mix and works great for oldies.  When it comes to a dance set, this is not the best it could be.

Third – this is what a professional beat mix DJ would blend these two songs. Beat Mix Example

You don’t hear the end of the first song as the beginning of the second song seamlessly mixes in.  No loss of energy.  The dance floor energy builds.

Don’t believe there is a difference?  Go to your local dance club and then compare the energy to a local dive bar with the Jukebox playing in the corner.  A DJ skilled in the art of mixing can transform a room full of people into one massive dancing tribe.  Any DJ who says they don’t beat mix dance sets at a wedding is not nearly worth one who can.

There are many skills and levels of experience required for an amazing wedding DJ.  Be sure you ask the right questions and hear examples of both their vocal work and mixing skills before you decide who is best to entertain at your wedding.  Jukebox or beat-mix?

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