Wedding Ceremony Musicians – But What About The Ceremony Microphones?

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Isn’t that grand. You’ve found a string trio for your outdoor wedding ceremony. But how are your guests going to hear the officiate or the two of you exchange vows? If you don’t care that your guest will not hear anything – no problem. Why even invite them to the ceremony then?

If on the other hand you do want your guests to be there and engaged in the exchange of your vows, then you need to think about procuring a professional PA system for your outdoor wedding ceremony. As a minimum, you need a microphone for the officiate. (No matter how many times they tell you that they speak loudly and do not need a microphone) Without amplification, they are not going to be heard in the back or over the water noise or truck driving by or plane passing or child crying.

To do it right- you also need a microphone for any readers and one to pick up the two of you exchanging vows. Are you counting? That’s 3 microphones for most ceremonies. Someone also needs to be managing the microphone levels and EQ. No one likes a squealing microphone when it feeds back. Live musicians are great, but you still need some form of PA sound system so all your guests can enjoy your ceremony. Give us a call – we can help!