Virtual Photo Booth Experience

Virtual Photo Booth Experience

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What Is A Virtual Photo Booth?

Your Virtual Photo Booth Experience is something unique and perfect to engage with both in-person and hybrid events online. No need to download an App or hire additional staff for your event. Our cloud-based virtual photo booth works across all devices – both Apple, Android, Tablet or Laptop. Our virtual photo booth will bring your remote teams as well as attendees together for a fun and communal experience with our instant online gallery of images.

Photo Booths have become a staple at both weddings and corporate events for many years now. The same is true with Virtual Photo Booths. Guests can take one (or multiple) snapshots that can then be social shared, printed or shared via JPG / Digital File. Once guests have taken their own photo, they can enhance those images by swapping out backgrounds, adding virtual props and custom frame overlays before opting to share with the online gallery and you. It’s so simple – we’ll take care of all the design and setup. Simply share the QR Code or link with your guests and they will take their “selfie” on their own device – whether that be a cell phone, table or laptop with webcam. It’s completely customizable – from the welcome screen and message to the hashtag and branding.

Virtual Photo Booth For Weddings

If you are planning a wedding – you can add your wedding hashtag instantly and the online gallery will instantly populate with photos from your guest for you to enjoy for years to come. Add your wedding colors, pick fonts and we can customize the experience for your guests with virtual photo booth props, backgrounds and frame overlays. Guests will be able to instantly download or share their image – branded to your wedding.

Yes – we have traditional photo booths to rent for weddings, but our virtual booth might just fit better with your micro-wedding or hybrid wedding with remote guests. It is also a bit less expensive than our traditional booth. We’ll provide you with a QR Code and link to share with your guests – no matter where they are so they can all be part of your wedding day.

Virtual Photo Booths For Corporate Hybrid Events

Add your company logo, event hashtag. Match corporate colors and brand with your company frame overlay. Pick your virtual photo booth props and stickers. You can even have options for guests to change the background using our AI instant background replacement software built right into our Virtual Photo Booth. A virtual photo booth is a marketing solution that allows brands to engage and connect with the people they want – no matter where they are.

See Images From Our Virtual Photo Booth
Use The QR Code below or THIS LINK to try it out yourself!

Instant Background Replacement

Messy background? No problem. Replace it with something fun, unique and on-brand for your wedding or event

Overlays / Frames

Your guests can choose an overlay to frame the photo for an immersive visual experience.

You can have your hashtag, wedding date, or company logo as part of the overlay.

Stickers / Virtual Photo Booth Props

Every photo is different with stickers! Drag and drop digital props, signs, or other fun graphics onto the photo to make it special.

Works on any device

Virtual Booth is browser-based, so it doesn’t require an app and can be used on MS Windows, Mac iOS, Google’s Android and more!

Remove backgrounds with AI

We use industry leading background removal software to put people in fun, branded virtual environments (virtual green screen background replacement).

Share to social & beyond

With easy social sharing features and download options, your content can be shared anywhere your audience is – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat

Click. Capture. Connect

Make your online event memorable and engaging with our virtual photo booth that’s sure to make everyone smile and share. Are you looking to engage your guests on a whole new level?

It’s time to bring your guests together with a virtual photo booth that sets you apart

Say goodbye to boring and repetitive events and say and hello to a virtual experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Bringing everyone together in one place. In real-time!

Your guests can check out the live web gallery of your event to see other attendees pics and animated GIFs right as they are taken. Perfect for your live streamed events and weddings.

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