Unique Money Saving Wedding Planning Ideas And Tips To Help Bride’s Stick To Their Wedding Budget

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Everyone wants to save money when planning their wedding.  Brides want their wedding to be unique but spending $40,000 or more on your reception party is out of reach for most brides.  Over the past 25 years in the wedding industry, we’ve seen some great money saving ideas.  Most of these weddings were more personal and memorable than a typical cookie cutter wedding.

Here are some wedding planning ideas:


  • If you have your ceremony in the same location as your reception, you can save on flowers and transportation costs.
  • Ask one of your friends or family members to officiate your ceremony.  Many states allow for a 1 day justice of the peace license to allow this.
  • Do you know someone that plays an instrument or sings? Maybe they can play your entrance and exit song for the wedding ceremony?


  • The choice of wedding reception venue will make or break your budget.  This one decision has the greatest impact on it.    ($100 per person venue v. a $75 per person venue equates to a $3750 difference with just 150 guests)
  • Opting for a more unique venue (Museum, Barn, Vineyard, Bowling Alley, etc.) can go a long way in creating a unique wedding and reducing the per person cost of your reception
  • If you curb your appetite for the highest price venue for your wedding reception, you could have money left in your budget for better entertainment, event lighting or architectural up-lighting that would go a long way is providing a better overall experience for your guests
  • Choosing a station meal v. a sit down meal can also reduce the per person cost of your wedding
  • Of course, you can reduce your guest count – If instead of inviting 150 guests, you limit it to 100 guests, you could save 33% off the venue bill (the largest portion of your budget goes to the reception/catering)
  • Reducing the size of your wedding party will also save money on dresses, gifts, transportation


  • Candles v. floral wedding centerpieces is a great way to save
  • Table centerpieces can sometimes be done as a Do-It-Yourself project to better personalize your wedding
  • Use family photos or name tables after vacations that you’ve taken or books that you’ve read.  Use vintage albums and name tables after musical groups
  • Take a simple glass vessel and fill it with fruit matching your wedding colors

wedding reception inexpensive centerpiece ideas


  • The wedding cake – use cup cakes or sheet cakes instead
  • Have a candy bar instead of the wedding cake ($300 worth of candy and containers v. $800 cake)
  • Ice sculpture – does anyone really care?
  • Wedding favors – most of these are thrown away in the car trash on the way home anyways
  • Disposable cameras – no one uses film anymore.  Why waste your money?
  • Videographer – how many times will you watch the video of your wedding?   Many photographers now are offering to video tape (using their HD ready digital cameras) certain portions of your wedding reception and exchange of vows.


  • Why use round tables when you can use rectangular tables?  All the wedding shows are using long tables.  Many facilities already own the tables, you just have to ask them to set the room differently.
  • Think about your floor plan – by changing the floor plan, you can transform the room into something different.  Make a lounge area.  Move where the band sets up.   Simple changes like this can make a dramatic change in feel without altering your budget at all
  • Change the order of events – have your cocktail hour BEFORE your ceremony.  Extend your cocktail hour.  Have guests dance between courses.    Stage your toasts at the end of dinner.  All of these are FREE – but can make your wedding unique for both you and your guests.
  • Design a “Signature Drink” with your venue – make sure it is a COLOR that goes with your wedding color pallet.
  • Use lighting to accent the architecture or décor in your venue.  A small expense in lighting can go a long way in making your venue look more expensive than it really is

Wedding Reception Uplighting Ideas

We all have to live within our budget.  Wedding planning is not any different – set a realistic wedding budget and decide what is most important to you on your wedding date.  For some brides, photography is most important, so paying a little more for the photographer of your choice is the right choice.  For some wedding couples, the entertainment is most important.  For others, the food is of utmost importance.  Your wedding budget should reflect these decisions.  Saving money when you are planning your wedding is important.  Spending your money wisely is priceless.  Using some of these wedding tips and tricks can save you thousands of dollars off your wedding budget and might just make your wedding unique and more personal at the same time.  Keep your wedding budget in check and have the wedding of your dreams at the same time.

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