The Ultimate Wedding Planner Checklist

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding planners are there to help you get through your wedding and take some of the pressure off of you. Your wedding planner is a huge part of your wedding so it’s critical that if you choose to have one, it is the right one. Here is a checklist that should help you make sure you are making the right decision:

  1. First, do you even want a wedding planner? If the answer is no then you do not need to read any further.
  2. Second, is this wedding planner in your budget? Some wedding planners can get pretty pricy so make sure at the end of it all they will still be in your price range.
  3. What “type” of wedding planner do you want? Some brides like to have their wedding planner almost in complete control to relieve some of their stress, while others choose to have more hands-off planner who is just there to guide them.
  4. Is your wedding planner professional? Does he/she have portfolios to look at and years of experience?
  5. Lastly, can you get along with your wedding planner? This may seem like an obvious question, but the truth is you’re going to be spending plenty of time with your wedding planner, so make sure they are friendly.