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Fantastic!    posted 7/10/2012

Rob did a fabulous job at our wedding! He was so good at picking songs that all of our guests danced to. Friends told us it was the best dance music they’d heard at a wedding. His music even got one my friend who never, ever dances out there! He was great at keeping everything on schedule too, and he brought fun surprises like purple lighting that matched our colors and glowsticks! We had some more complicated instructions for how we wanted our introductions and anniversary dances to go, but he remembered everything and executed all the details just as we had hoped. He is very much a professional. He made our reception so fun and a party we will always remember. We are so grateful to him!

I have to say when my mom first wanted up lighting I felt that she was going overboard; however, when my parents and I went to meet with Rob I was so impressed. We met in a hotel lobby to go over what we wanted, classy, simple, and elegant. Rob suggested an amber hue and a coral monogram that had our names and wedding date. The colors of my wedding were black, champagne, and coral. I wasnt too sure, so he then met us again at my venue (Granite Links) and he set everything up like he would on my wedding day and I was so happy. It looked very very beautiful and classy. It lit the room just right and really personalized the ballroom.

You NEED a Photo Booth!    posted 6/12/2012

The photo booth is what everyone was talking about after the wedding. It was by far the best investment my husband and I made. We also had our uplighting services from the same vendor and it was beautiful. the ambiance at the venue was breath taking.

fabulous lighting    posted 3/22/2012

Rob took the historic Union Station in Hartford which is a beautiful space but huge and empty and lit it up making it look spectacular. He was also our DJ. He put together a great playlist that incorporated our crazy music tastes and made it work for a wedding.

Tony is AMAZING!    posted 2/8/2012

I used to work at a golf club and worked at LOTS of weddings over the years. I heard all kinds of DJs, most of them just okay. Right after I got engaged, I worked at a wedding and Tony was the DJ. He was really good all night, and when he got the bride’s grandmother on a chair in the middle of the dance floor, I knew I had to have him. He played amazing music, had the whole room dancing all night long, and played a great mix of music. He allowed us to customize different introductions for each of the members of our bridal party, and less than 20 minutes before he introduced us we asked him to make 3 changes. Not only did he pull it off, but it was perfect! I would highly recommend Tony to anyone looking to have a party – we are still getting compliments about what a good DJ we hired!!!!