Planning Your Bridal Shower

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With the stress of planning every detail of your big day, your bridal shower plans may get a little pushed aside. However, a bridal shower is a very important part of the whole wedding experience. Planning it might seem like extra work but it is a special day devoted to only you, the bride. Whether you are planning it or a family member, friends, etc. there are a few steps that will make the whole thing just a bit easier.

  • Much like your wedding, bridal showers typically have a theme. It could simply just be a color palette that you want to stick to all the way to the opposite of having a totally princess-themed day. Whatever will make the bride the happiest is what has to happen.

A “Retro” themed bridal shower

  • Does the bride want the bridal shower to be at a restaurant, golf club, or even at home? Making the bride happy is the goal of this day so be sure to choose what she would be happy with. Brides, if you’re planning your bridal shower yourself than you have nothing to worry about. Make sure to make reservations if necessary.

Alice In Wonderland bridal shower at home

  • You can’t have a party without food so get the guests to each bring a food item or hire a caterer. Plan according to your location and keep in mind how many guests will be attending the party.

A desert bar is bound to be a hit – especially a pink one!

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