New Year, New Life Together: Your New Year’s Eve Wedding in the Berkshires

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New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for a wedding, because it’s all about new beginnings. People love to get dressed up and celebrate on New Year’s Eve, so give them a spectacular reason to do so! Here are a countdown of ideas for your New Year’s Eve wedding in the Berkshires of Massachusetts:

10. Save the date! Once you’ve decided on a New Year’s Eve wedding, send out “save the date” cards as early as possible, so people don’t make other plans for the holiday. For the same reason, send out invites earlier than you otherwise might.

9. Arrange lodging: On New Year’s Eve, your guests will likely be imbibing in celebration of your new marriage and the New Year. Consider having your reception in a hotel and having a large block of rooms reserved so that guests don’t have to worry about drinking and driving.

8. Fantastic favors: Miniature bottles of champagne with personalized labels are a natural for New Year’s Eve weddings. Even more unique, create personalized calendars with the bride and groom’s picture on them.

7. Consider the hour: Obviously, an evening wedding is preferable for New Year’s Eve–you want your guests to stick around for the start of the new year! A nice touch for the reception–a coffee bar to help people make it to midnight.

6. Sparkle and shine: Black and white, the traditional New Year’s Eve color scheme, combines beautifully with glitter, sparkly confetti, and silver and gold balloons and streamers.

5. Super centerpieces: Fill shiny metallic gift bags with horns, streamers and noisemakers for guests to grab at midnight. Emblazon the side of each bag with the table number. Scatter foil confetti over tablecloths around your centerpiece.

4. Light the night: If your venue permits, give guests sparklers to light when the bride and groom emerge from the ceremony or enter the reception. If sparklers don’t work for you, bubbles are never more appropriate than on New Year’s Eve!

3. Elegant eats: Rather than serving a heavy sit down meal, have servers circulate with plates of hot hors d’oeuvres and canapes. This can be supplemented with tables of cheese and crackers and crudites.

2. Rock the Clock: Have a large LED clock in your reception so people can count down to midnight together, or have the Times Square ball drop displayed on a screen.

1. Beyond champagne: Of course you must have a champagne toast at midnight, but delight your guests by following it up with breakfast treats like scones or beignets, and provide orange juice to make mimosas.