Lighting Your Wedding Reception

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Many people ask what the differences are in lighting packages.  I wanted to try and answer most of your questions with this blog post.  There are three basic kinds of lighting at a wedding reception.  There are dance floor lights, table lighting and architectural lighting of the room.

Dance Floor Lighting:  (Video Clips Here)

Basic Dance Floor lighting consists of 2-3 light fixtures that move, change color and shape of the beam based on the music.  This is a great way to give some energy to your dance floor.

Club Lighting takes your basic dance floor lighting and brings it to a larger level.  We bring more light fixtures.  The style and complexity of the fixtures rivals what you’d see in a typical night club.   This style lighting creates more of a dance party atmosphere.  We can control the lights and adjust them based on fast v. slow music.

Table Illumination:

Table lighting can come in a few typical styles.  You can illuminate your tables with candles.  You can use LED glow fixtures in vases or in your floral arrangements (talk to your florist about lighting options).  You can also pin-spot your table centerpieces.  Each table centerpiece would have 1-2 white pin-spots pointed at it from high above (ceiling mounted or 11’ in air well above people) to make your table glow.  We can do all guest tables or just your head table, cake table and maybe even your parent’s table.  We can even make a table GLOW from underneath.

Architectural Room Lighting or Up-Lighting:

Up-lighting is a huge wedding trend.  Something so simple can dramatically change the overall feel of your venue.  Dark wood tones?  We can warm it up with an Amber LED or Par Can.  Want to turn the room blue or pink?  We can do that too with our 3 watt LED high intensity LED up-lights (~10,000 lumen output).  These up-lights can remain one color through the entire reception or we can wirelessly control color scene changes for your entrance, first dance, or the lights can change based on the music over the course of the evening to add to your party atmosphere.

You can use wash LED lighting OUTSIDE to change a tent or even the ENTRANCE of your venue.

Texture lighting normally requires high vaulted ceilings or tents but can be projected on divider walls, behind your head table or on the ceiling or dance floor to add yet another dimension to your space.