Keeping Your Wedding Interesting

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

Much like parties have themes, weddings can also be more interesting with a certain theme. Whether it is based on the season, a holiday, or something loved by the bride and groom, themes always make things more fun. Dig deep when you’re figuring this out. To get your creative juices flowing, here are some fun and quirky examples:

  • Holiday-based: Is your wedding taking place around a holiday? Or maybe you and your groom just love a specific holiday. This couple clearly loves the spookiness associated with Halloween.
  • Favorite Movie/Book: Are you a diehard Twilight fan? Or maybe more of the Casablanca type? Use your favorite things as a base for your big day! This couple loves Harry Potter like it’s no one’s business.
  • Cultural Backgrounds: If you are proud of where you come from and so is your groom, embrace it. Even if you two come from totally different backgrounds combine them! Take a look at this couple’s wedding combining French and Mexican cultures.