Heather + Chris – St. Clement’s Castle – Portland CT Wedding Reception

Heather + Chris held their outdoor wedding ceremony along the CT River at St. Clement’s Castle in Portland, CT.

This is the 2nd wedding this year that I did for a friend’s daughter. I grew up with Heather’s father, Stu back in Southwick MA. With over 150 guests in attendance, they were ready to party.

Heather didn’t want any oldies played at her wedding. We brought in our up-lighting and photo booth for this wedding reception in CT.

Introduction Song: Bring Em Out – TI
First Dance: Still Fallin’ – Hunter Hayes
Heather & Dad: My Wish – Rascal Flatts
Chris & Mom: Like Jesus Does – Eric Church

Anniversary Dance: Remember When – Alan Jackson

DJ, Lighting & Photo booth:  Rob Alberti Event Services
Photographer: Greg Moss
Facility: St. Clement’s Castle 

Briana + Mike’s Wedding – Crowne Plaza – Warwick RI – Wedding DJ

Briana & Mike held their reception at The Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI.  Normally there are 3 or 4 weddings going on all at the same time at The Crowne Plaza but on Briana + Mike’s wedding day, there only was their wedding.

We provided the photo booth rental, event up-lighting, their name in lights on the wall and DJ for their wedding reception.

We were told NO Pitbull, Rihanna or Niki Minaj but they were fans of Michael Jackson, Freestle, Clubby EDM Top 40 and a few oldies for their older relatives.  What a fun night!

Introduction Song: Without You – Usher/David Guetta
First Dance:  Back At One – Brian McKnight
Cake Cutting:  Marry You – Bruno Marrs
Briana & Dad:  Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion
Mike & Mom:  Have I Told You Lately (Unplugged) – Rod Stewart
Last Song: All Of My Life – KCi & JoJo

Check out some of the images from their wedding at The Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI.

Jennifer & Joseph Wedding DJ + Lighting – The Riverhouse – Haddam CT

Jennifer & Joseph had their wedding reception at The Riverhouse in Haddam, CT.   This is one of our favorite locations for our up-lighting.  The room is just meant to be lit.   Jennifer & Joe also wanted to add some texture to the ceiling with our theatrical texture lighting.

It started to rain so cocktails ended up inside but it cleared up enough later for the cigar bar outside on the patio to draw some people outside.  Our photo booth was setup INSIDE the coatroom.  It was a bit crowded and we’d probably have gotten more people through it if it were in a more convenient location – their was enough room in the main ballroom or even just outside the coat room for it.  Out of sight – out of mind – no matter how many announcements are made.

Introduction Song:  Feel So Close – Calvin Harris
First Dance:  Take My Hand – Emily Hackett
Cake Cutting:  Tie It Up – Kelly Clarkson
Jennifer & Dad:  I Turn To You – Christina Aguilera
Joe & Mom:  A Song For My Son – Mikki Viereck
Last Dance:   Time Of My Life – Black Eyed Peas

Photographer:  Airen Miller

Videographer:  Fran Gagnon Films

Kara + Kevin’s Wedding – Madison Beach Hotel – Madison CT – Drapes

Kara + Kevin came to us and let us know they had a DJ for their wedding, they had their facility and their florist – but they had a problem.  Kara HATED the blue curtains in The Madison Beach Hotel.  They did not go with her decor and theme.  The Madison Beach Hotel is a newly renovated and beautiful facility.  They just went with a blue ocean motif and really should have gone neutral colors – clearly I watch too much HG TV.

We came in and draped the entire 2nd floor ballroom from floor to ceiling with our white shear drapery.  We pulled them back in various areas so that the view of the CT shoreline was not impaired.  We placed our up-lighting between the drapery and the walls and lit the entire room in a pale yellow (not amber) color.  When it was time for dancing – we had full control of the room and we dimmed the up-lighting to help set their party mood.

Check out the images of the ballroom before and after our work.

Before (no drapery, no up-lighting)





After with our drapery and up-lighting

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Colors of your Wedding Lighting

Many of our clients come in with the concept that they want only a single color for their up-lighting at their wedding reception.  That’s fine, but check out what it looks like when you combine complimentary colors at your venue.

If you look at the color wheel, you can use it to find complimentary colors (opposite sides) or a group of colors that work well together (triad, etc)

Ready to stand out from all the other weddings you’ve seen?  Let’s talk about adding more than one color to your wedding lighting.    Our lighting can be wirelessly controlled so that we can dim or change colors over the course of the evening as well.

Don’t forget, we can bring color into your room even during BROAD DAYLIGHT.    Just because you are having an afternoon wedding, don’t think you can’t do something fun with lighting at your wedding.

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Allison & Michael’s Wedding – Belle Mer – Newport RI – Event Lighting

Allison(Westfield State University Alumni) & Michael (Navy Diver) had an amazing day in Newport RI – Belle Mer in the Island House room.  We provided the lighting, photo booth, ceremony music and DJ for their celebration.

Allison’s dad, Mike Scully (The Simpsons, Parks & Rec fame) gave this amazing 10 minute monologue and Allison’s sister, Sarah was their officiate.  Every one laughed – they dances and partied until 1:00 am.  Allison & Michael put together their own mash-up compilation for their first dance.

Introduction Song:  Celebrate  – Pitbull
First Dance:  Custom edit compilation
Cake Cutting:  Sweet Escape – Gwen Stefani
Michael & Mom:  Hero – Mariah Carey
Last Song:  DJ Otzi – Hey Baby

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Mechanics Hall – Worcester MA Wedding – Evelyn & Adey African Extravaganza

Evelyn & Adey had a extravaganza of a wedding with more than 300 guests filled with African wedding traditions.  I found myself hanging out in the sidelines just in awe of their traditions.  They were beautiful and heartfelt and the African wedding garb added texture and color to this amazing event.

We provided the up-lighting in Mechanics Hall.  This HUGE wedding venue took about 40 fixtures (2x as much as we normally need for most venues) but the end results were nothing short of amazing.

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Facility Built In Up-lighting for your Wedding

We have seen quite a few facilities installing their own uplighting.   Just because they can cook a chicken dinner does not make them a lighting expert.  It would be no different if they purchased DJ gear and said one of their wait staff would be DJing your wedding.   It’s not always the right choice for your needs.

Let’s break it down – placement is everything when it comes to uplighting.  The goal is to enhance the room’s architectural features.  If they install their lights so they are lighting up the window – exactly what will the light bounce off of to give you that color?

When we go in a survey a room for our lighting installation, we look for columns, entrance areas, light placement behind your wedding cake and head table.  We want to bring attention to certain items and others, like air walls – we would not light to draw attention AWAY from items.  We want to balance one side of the room to the opposite.   Many facilities will install lighting just on one or two walls and completely forget to do the balcony, inner wall columns or other important features to BALANCE THE ROOM.

See the image […]

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